A fully connected network brings it all together.

Government is where innovation happens.  Delivering services to constituents where they live and work, agencies are using technology to strengthen community connections.  AT&T continues to spearhead the network revolution, driving innovation and investing more capital than any other US public company.  By bringing together solutions that protect, serve and connect – dedicated AT&T professionals are working with the public sector to identify and implement technology to transform the business of government.


It’s our business to protect.
Analyzing over 10 petabytes of traffic each and every day, it’s our business to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats.

Community action starts with data. 
The explosive growth in government data requires the ability to securely capture, store and transform data into action.

Your voice is unleashed.
The convergence of voice and data onto a single platform promises a range of new applications that will transform how you connect.

The office is mobile.
From delivering services to meet the needs of millennial constituents to increasing workforce productivity, mobility solutions make it happen. 

Public has gone private.
For both mobile and IP traffic, private network connectivity offers security, data integrity and higher quality of service.

The network is on demand.
AT&T is transforming its infrastructure to a software-enabled architecture that supports intelligent, dynamic on-demand networking.


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Sponsored Papers

EM - AT&T - Policy Paper - 140502
April 19, 2016

Public Safety IP Revolution: Transitioning to the Infrastructure of the Future

IP-based and wireless technologies can improve the flow of information that helps save lives and protect first responders. The challenge is creating a plan that fits today's needs while preparing for the future. Download this paper for a roadmap to developing an IP-based public safety technology infrastructure.
GT - AT&T - Policy Paper - 140530
April 19, 2016

Developing a Holistic Strategy for Migrating to an IP-enabled Network

Government agencies recognize the benefits of an IP-based network architecture, including greater network flexibility and improved citizen service delivery, yet many do not have a strategy in place to transition to a converged network. Download this guide and learn how states and government agencies are developing a strategic plan for migrating to an IP-enabled network.
GOV - AT&T - Executive Summary - 160311
March 11, 2016

What Legislators Need to Know about Cybersecurity

In a recent survey of 103 state legislators and staff, the Governing Institute sought to learn more about legislators’ roles in cybersecurity. The survey responses indicate that while legislators know the risks are high, many are not as involved as they could be and cybersecurity gaps remain. For more information, download this executive summary for the full survey results.
PCIO - AT&T - Policy Paper - 140925
September 25, 2014

Security in an All-IP World

As government agencies migrate to all-IP networks, they must ensure their cyber security strategies are able to keep up with evolving security threats. Download this guide to learn how government agencies can develop an effective security strategy in tandem with IP network migration.