Innovation is the driver of the future

As government continues to find new ways to unite and serve constituents, technology has the power to help. Across the country, dedicated AT&T professionals are working with state and local governments to identify and implement innovative solutions to transform the business of government. 

Network Transformation: In here, cloud aligns costs with consumption. The explosive growth in government data requires the ability to capture, store and transform data into meaningful information.

Voice Transformation: In the network, even your desk phone gets to be a smart phone. The convergence of voice and data onto a single network promises a range of new applications that can fundamentally change how you communicate. 

Cyber Security: In here, we know your world and we know how to secure it. AT&T monitors over 19 Petabytes of IP traffic each business day for suspicious activity and employs more than 1,500 security experts and support professionals. 

Mobilizing Government: Data – If you can collect it, you can unlock it. With the explosion of mobile communications, data growth is unlimited, and government is seeking new ways to unlock its potential. 

Secure Workforce: Work anywhere, security everywhere. Whether the data is in your pocket, on your desktop or in the network, state and local governments can count on AT&T to provide both security and BYOD solutions to support and protect your agency.

Public Safety: In here, the public’s safety always comes first. AT&T solutions for public safety enable first responders to access and share mission critical information when they need it, where they need it-- from call to car to crisis.

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