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McAfee, part of Intel Security and a wholly owned subsidiary of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), empowers businesses, the public sector, and home users to safely experience the benefits of the Internet. The company delivers proactive and proven security solutions and services for systems, networks, and mobile devices around the world. With its Security Connected strategy, innovative approach to hardware-enhanced security, and unique Global Threat Intelligence network, McAfee is relentlessly focused on keeping its customers safe.

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DC - McAfee - Client Supplied - 141113
November 13, 2014

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager and Threat Intelligence Exchange

As a part of the Intel® Security product offering, McAfee® Enterprise Security Manager and McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange work together to provide organizations with exactly what they need to fight advanced threats. You get the situational awareness, actionable intelligence, and instantaneous speed to immediately identify, respond to, and proactively neutralize threats in just milliseconds.
DC - McAfee - DC Paper - Colorado Boosts Cybersecurity with Real-Time Situati
January 13, 2014

Colorado Boosts Cybersecurity with Real-Time Situational Awareness

Find out how the Colorado Office of Information Technology went from a $6,000 budget for cybersecurity to real-time situational awareness that protects the state from cybercrime.
DC - McAfee - DC Paper - Q1 2014 - Counter Stealth Attacks
January 1, 2014

Counter Stealth Attacks

Professional hackers learn early on to cover their tracks. The Security Connected framework from McAfee enables integration of multiple products, services, and partnerships for centralized, efficient and effective risk migration. McAfee is relentlessly focused on finding new ways to keep our customers safe.
DC - McAfee - DC Paper - Q2 2013 - Real Time for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
June 1, 2013

Real Time for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Real Time for McAfee ePO collects McAfee endpoint security product status instantly. This real-time visibility enables you to act on the most recent intelligence and enhance situational awareness.
January 9, 2013

Say "Yes" to Mobile Devices

Control, compliance, and convenience. The tension between these factors has made it difficult for IT to consent to enterprise user demands to use their preferred mobile devices. Now, IT can wield control over mobile devices to match its ability to manage laptops and other endpoints, using the same management and reporting tools.