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The Districts Podcast: Detroit and Houston or Bust

Going deep on The Districts' program and purpose.

/ July 19, 2017

On the eve of a Special Districts road trip to Detroit and Houston, we meet Bob Graves, who is not only part of the ensemble cast of The Districts podcast but the "animating figure" of the Special Districts program as a whole. Bob, Dustin Haisler and Paul Taylor go deep on the program and its purpose. Plus we found an excuse to play a little vintage ZZ Top.

Paul W. Taylor  /  Editor-at-Large


Paul W. Taylor, Ph.D., is the editor-at-large of Governing magazine. He also serves as the chief content officer of e.Republic, Governing’s parent organization, as well as senior advisor to the Governing Institute. Prior to joining e.Republic, Taylor served as deputy Washington state CIO and chief of staff of the state Information Services Board (ISB). Dr. Taylor came to public service following decades of work in media, Internet start-ups and academia. He is also among a number of affiliated experts with the non-profit, non-partisan Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) in Washington, D.C.