Mapping government IT

by / November 22, 2002
Gov. Don Siegelman announced the opening of the Alabama Office of Homeland Security (AOHS) and the launch of the AOHS Web site in September. The AOHS worked with state departments and agencies, county and local governments, law enforcement agencies, and private entities to ensure the viability of the state's strategy for homeland security.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office is using a product called VeriTracks to continuously track the location of an estimated 100 individuals on pretrial release and compare their location data with criminal incidents reported to law enforcement agencies in the county. The county is the first in Florida to use the product.

Idaho-based truckers can now file their International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) returns for free by going to the State Tax Commission's Web site. Under the IFTA, an interstate trucker will report all miles driven nationwide by filing a single return with the "base state," which then shares information and transfers motor fuel use tax revenues to other states based on the truck's mileage in those states.

The Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations launched an online donation page on its Web site that allows people to donate to any organization in the state registered with the IRS as a nonprofit. - The Advocate

New Jersey
The New Jersey Hospital Communications Network, an 800 MHz radio system, will be installed in each of the state's 85 acute-care hospitals, connecting all the hospitals with a noninterruptible, interoperable communications system.

The state will expand its Amber Alert plan by using a private-sector e-mail database that will transmit an alert to organizations with high levels of public contact, including gas stations and utility companies. - The Oklahoman

Gov. John Kitzhaber is forming a statewide council to oversee the creation of a wireless communication system that will support public safety agencies at all levels of government. The Statewide Interoperability Executive Council will direct the planning, designing and implementing guidelines, best practices, and standard approaches to address Oregon's public safety communications issues.

South Carolina
The state Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) said in September that twice as many islands dot South Carolina's coastal salt marshes as environmental officials had previously believed. The new count, compiled with the help of computer-enhanced satellite photos, revealed 2,508 salt marsh islands. In the past, the DHC estimated the number of islands was around 1,200. - The State

State election officials planned to e-mail ballots to Virginia military service members who registered to vote absentee, administration sources said. Overseas military voters could print a blank ballot that was e-mailed to them, though they still had to mail in their completed ballots to the registrar's office for their city or county. - The Virginian Pilot