State of the Digital State: Part II

The Center for Digital Government surveys the 50 states to reveal who's getting the most out of technology in revenue/taxation and electronic commerce/business regulation.

by / August 16, 2001
April 15 is a day like none other in America. But this year filing taxes became easier than ever as states offered new online tax-filing services for citizens and businesses. Granted, online services did not necessarily create happy taxpayers. But it did keep millions of them from standing in long lines.

Part two of the Digital State Survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government, the knowledge-management and research division of e.Republic, in partnership with the nonprofit Progress & Freedom Foundation (PFF), records the nations transition from arduous, paper-based processes to streamlined electronic practices. The survey examined two areas: revenue/taxation (sponsored by govOne Solutions) and electronic commerce/business regulation.

2001 Digital State Survey Part II --
Top State Rankings

Indiana100.00 1
N. Carolina 100.00 1
Illinois 98.8 3
Kansas 98.8 3
Wisconsin 98.8 3
New York 98.2 6
N. Dakota 97.1 7
Missouri 95.3 8
Delaware 94.1 9
Nebraska 94.1 9
Texas 94.1 9
Darby Patterson Editor in Chief