Blog to Focus on Government Accountability and Transparency

New Government Accountants' Blog aims to stimulate discussion of government financial management.

by / April 24, 2008

The Association of Government Accountants (AGA) today announced the launch of the AGA Weblog, a first-of-its-kind contribution to the government and taxpayer blogosphere.
The blog aims to bring state, local and federal government financial managers into discussions about issues, solutions and priorities relating to government accountability and transparency. Senior government financial managers, including federal chief financial officers and state/local auditors and comptrollers will lead daily discussions on a wide variety of topics that will include transparency, reporting, accountability, the federal fiscal crisis and more.

"It is our hope that this blog will promote wider government accountability and transparency through daily discussions," said Relmond P. Van Daniker, AGA Executive Director. "AGA is focused on developing the best new thinking and practices in government accountability, but it is not enough for us to simply provide information. We must encourage a two-way conversation that will allow us to receive public input on everything we do. We hope that the AGA Weblog will allow conversations to develop between AGA, the public and government financial managers that are useful to all."