Chertoff Outlines Department Success, Future in Year-end Review

More work to do, but a firm foundation on which to build.

by / December 19, 2007

Secretary Chertoff reviewed Department progress and maturation in 2007-including efforts in border security, immigration enforcement, passenger screening, critical infrastructure protection, and emergency response-in his remarks at the Woodrow Wilson Institute in Washington, D.C. He identified immigration and border security, secure identification, cyber security and the continuing development of the Department as issues that will be at the forefront of Department efforts in the upcoming year.

He concluded, "As I enter my last year as Secretary, I can tell you I will give it my all, and it is my promise and my intent to turn over to my successor...a department that has fulfilled the promise and is a mature agency -- with more work to do, but a firm foundation on which to build." Read More