The Crime Mapping & Analysis Program (CMAP), located at the University of Denver, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center announces the release of the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) Developer's Kit. The Kit is a unique collection of documents, tools and examples to assist in the design, creation, implementation and expansion of any crime analysis unit. This assembly of information, examples and software utilities is a free public service by CMAP, a program of the National Institute of Justice.

The Developer's Kit includes a variety of articles and publications on analytical processes, procedures and methods from acknowledged experts in the field. It also includes numerous examples of crime bulletins, routine products, work analysis, flowcharts, timelines, job descriptions, mission statements, internship announcements, statistics and other materials that can be used as templates or starting points.

The CAU Developer's Kit contains several free software applications, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs, Geographic profiling utilities, tactical crime analysis tools, link-charting programs, Statistics programs and OpenOffice. All software is provided free of charge by CMAP and the developers for use by the US law enforcement community.

"We're pleased that public safety will be able to immediately put these tools to work in their organization," says Dan Helms, GIS & Crime Analysis Specialist. "The product addresses a vast majority of the requests that we receive from the community regarding starting or enhancing their crime analysis capabilities."