FEC Approves Internet Fund-Raising Service

The Democrats and the Republicans are both interested in participating.

by / October 11, 2002
WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) -- Computer users signing up for Internet service could contribute to political parties at the same time under a service authorized by the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.

Customers who sign up for Internet service under the program put together by Careau & Co., a California-based marketing company, and an affiliate, Nevada-based Mohre Communications, will also be required to make a payment to a federal political committee or to a charity.

According to documents the companies provided to the FEC, the target price of Internet services offered by Mohre will be $17.76 per month, of which $15.76 would go to Careau and Mohre and $2 would go in various amounts to up to five federal political committees and charities designated by subscribers.

The participating political committees would pay Careau and Mohre for the service, called the "America Plan."

Careau told the FEC that several federal political committees are interested in participating, including the Democratic and Republican parties and several congressional campaigns.

The companies asked the commission for an opinion on whether their plan is legal under federal election law. The FEC gave its approval in a 4-0 vote.

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