Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation ("Sawnee EMC") of Cumming, Ga., has a custom Outage Management System Viewer developed by OneGIS using ArcGIS Server Advanced edition from ESRI.

The new viewer will allow outage information to be available via the Internet for customers or via the company's intranet for employees. The project incorporates the use of ArcGIS Server to publish information from Sawnee EMC's Outage Management System (OMS) from NISC (National Information Solutions Cooperative) using facility data from the company's ArcFM geodatabase.

The user interface to the new OMS ArcGIS Server application was developed by OneGIS with ease of use in mind. Upon opening, the Sawnee EMC outage-map Web site displays summary outage statistics as well as a map of Sawnee's service territory and a grid, color-coded to indicate the severity of outages within. A coarse grid is seen first. Then, as the user zooms in, a finer grid is displayed, again color-coded to show the number of outages. When the user zooms in further, individual customer locations without power can be seen as well as statistical information like the time of each outage and the status of the crew assignment.

The Sawnee EMC Outage information is automatically updated from the NiSC OMS application at five-minute intervals. User navigation and query of the data are achieved through the use of standard pan, zoom and identify buttons as well as through an interactive compass rose that can be used to pan in the direction in which the user clicks. The system is currently in use internally. Future plans include making the application available via the Internet for use by the general public and the media during storm or other outage conditions.