6. Why California Secretary of State Debra Bowen Pulled the Plug on E-Voting

Bowen, a long-time IT advocate, saw security flaws in touch-screen voting machines.

7. DHS Announces $1.8 Billion in Grants for States, Urban Areas and Tribal Governments

Amount includes $1.7 billion from Homeland Security Grant Program.

8. Business Continuity: Inadequate Planning Affects CIOs

Business continuity is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity in the public sector.

9. Consumer Reports Warns Public About ID Leaks

Study shows government is among the biggest sources of ID leaks.

10. Cloud Computing: Public-Sector Opportunities

Public sector already sees advantages in cloud computing.


Andy Opsahl  | 

Andy Opsahl is a former writer and features editor for Government Technology magazine.