GoVlog Video Weekly Report: Obama, Cloud Computing, GPS, Voice Analysis

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by News Staff / January 22, 2009

Obama Inauguration -- Did Streaming Video Keep Up?

With hundreds of millions around the world watching the inauguration of Barack Obama, streaming video was put to its toughest test yet. Did the next-gen medium deliver as promised or did the stream turn into a trickle?



Government Agencies Adopt Cloud Computing Platform from

Last week, Government Technology spoke with executives from, the popular provider of hosted CRM services, about how the company is bringing its cloud computing model to the public sector. And they showed off a few of their government customers.




GPS Tracks School Buses, Provides Emergency Alert

In New Jersey, the Gloucester Township Public School District and Police Department launched a school bus monitoring system that utilizes GPS technology. The system enables the police to track the buses' movement and speed, and provides a panic button that the driver can activate during an emergency.




Layered Voice Analysis

Getting to the truth might have become easier for law enforcement. An innovative technology, developed by Voice Analysis Technologies, goes beyond the traditional lie detector tests by analyzing the frequency of the human voice. Layered Voice Analysis, being tested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, measures the frequencies in a person's voice, even those not audible to the human ear. It could be an added tool to aid interrogators hunting for the truth.