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know what each other is doing. What's the game plan? We've been able to share that with them; our CIO and I are on the same wavelength. And we're moving in a direction. I basically told people, "You want to be part of the solution? If you don't, move out of the way. We're moving forward.

"Look at where customers are headed -- I say this all the time. Our kids -- my son -- is never going to City Hall, or to the county courthouse or a state office building. They want to do it using technology. So we have to get in the 21st century. We'll have a more efficient, more cost-effective government.

When you look at the different projects we've talked about -- the EHR, interoperable communication and the e-mail system -- are citizens aware that their governor and state are leading the charge for government IT, and is maybe ahead of most states?

I think they're aware, but we need to make them more aware. I think if you're involved in technology in our state, you know the state is trying to take a quantum leap forward. We want to be prepared for the next generation of consumers who are going to use technology at all hours of the day.

We need to make more of the public aware of it, but they also know we're trying to lead and create a better economic base in the state. We're trying to recruit businesses of all sizes, from all backgrounds and technology-based companies. We've been able to recruit companies from California because we're offering incentives, and they understand we're moving forward in these arenas.

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