Industry Endorses National Law Enforcement Data Exchange System

155 companies affiliated with the IJIS Institute support the project

by / April 28, 2006
The IJIS Institute recently announced that the 155 companies affiliated with the Institute fully support the efforts of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division to establish the N-DEx national law enforcement data exchange environment.

N-Dex is a national system to support the investigative process allowing all law enforcement agencies of any size and jurisdiction to share incident related information (not intelligence) to correlate crime information and find suspects. The system has the potential of fulfilling the need to allow local, state, tribal and Federal law enforcement to share incident information that will lead to higher clearance rates and greater productivity and effectiveness of the investigative function.

In a position paper issued in support of the N-DEx project, the IJIS Institute stated that "N-DEx will hold a central position within the framework of the envisioned consortium by becoming an integral component of the information processes and systems of the majority of law enforcement agencies throughout the country. The generation of data to be collected in N-DEx must be a by-product of the workflow of participating agencies, governed by end-to-end security and privacy requirements."

The IJIS position paper cited what industry believes are the critical success factors in developing this national system:
  • The benefits derived from the use of N-DEx must be commensurate with or exceed the effort necessary to participate.

  • There must be broad-based use of N-DEx -- from the smallest to the largest agencies -- including local, tribal, state and Federal agencies.

  • There must be resources available to assist agencies in building the infrastructure to participate in N-DEx -- these resources must include technical support, training, and funding.

  • N-DEx participation must be standards-based to preclude the high-cost of custom solutions and to allow agencies to better evaluate records management systems.

  • Industry must be kept up-to-date and have current information on the program to be able to assist agencies in participating in N-DEx.
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