Infographic: Are You an Email Hoarder or Filer?

A study by Varonis reveals three different styles of email management.

by / November 16, 2012

According to a study by data governance software firm Varonis, 78 percent of respondents receive up to 100 emails per day, and nearly 25 percent receiving between 100 to 500 daily emails.

Also, one in 10 workers now has more than 10,000 mails in their inbox. Nearly 85 percent of those surveyed spend 30 minutes or more every day organizing their mail — over one and one half weeks of work every year.

The study revealed three different styles of email management: filers, who empty their inbox on a daily basis and file messages into folders; hoarders, who never delete, but tag and keep in just a few folders; and a combination. There also is a small niche that admits to completely giving up on maintaining control over their email.


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Here's more about email usage based on Varonis' survey: