Just How Many Libraries Are Blogging Anyway?

A little analysis and number crunching

by / April 21, 2005
While doing some maintenance work on the blogrolls that keep the lists on this site organized, I stopped to do a little analysis and number crunching, and thought I'd share the results here. For those of you who have recently found yourselves wondering just how many libraries are blogging these days, you might enjoy having a glance over these numbers.

While I don't pretend that these lists are exhaustive, I'd like to think that they provide the most up-to-date info on the library-blogging situation (i.e.: institutional blogs). That said, and per my calculations, there are currently 245 libraries blogging. Of these 245,
  • 107 are academic libraries
  • 86 are public libraries (at least 15 of which have multiple blogs)
  • 12 are school libraries
  • 12 are assorted special libraries
  • 11 are library associations (state/national/provincial, etc.)
  • 8 are library consortia
  • 6 are government libraries
  • 3 are corporate libraries
An interesting exercise, in all, but mostly one that made me realize just how incomplete these lists really are! (there have to be more public libraries blogging! And whither the corporate library blog? I know you're out there!). So, if your library is blogging and you're not on the list, pipe up!

Reprinted from blogwithoutalibrary.