Kelso Releases New Proposal for California IT Governance Structure

Among other features, the proposal creates an Information Technology Board to set forth strategic plans.

by / February 18, 2003
SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- State CIO J. Clark Kelso released a proposal last Friday for the future governance of California's information technology programs and resources.

Last spring, Gov. Gray Davis directed Kelso, a professor at McGeorge School of Law, to develop a proposal for the procurement, management and operation of California's IT systems through Executive Order D-57-02.

Friday's proposal contains Kelso's final set of recommendations. It also codifies the collaborative structure the Davis administration established as an interim IT governance structure, which relied upon increased collaboration and coordination among the state's IT leaders, including the California CIO, the departments of Finance and General Services, the state's data centers, agency CIOs and the California Highway Patrol.

The new proposal also would add a new safeguard, the "Information Technology Board," that will adopt statewide IT strategic plans to support state operations and conduct ongoing reviews of the state's IT procurement, oversight and security programs.

"The Board will bring transparency and sunshine to the most important information technology decisions facing the state," Kelso said.

The new governance structure comes nearly a year after the Department of Information Technology closed its doors in July 2002.