MIT Project Aggregates Cell Phone Data to Model Urban Dynamics

Real Time Rome also uses speed and location data from buses and taxis to help citizens make better decisions.

by / January 13, 2008

The MIT SENSEable City Lab's Real Time Rome project aggregates data from cell phones to better understand urban dynamics in real time. By collecting location data from cell phone users, and speed and location data from bus and taxi fleets, the project aims to help Roman commuters make better decisions about their environment. "Imagine being able to avoid traffic congestion or knowing where people are congregating on a Saturday afternoon," said project director Carlo Ratti, director of the SENSEable City Lab. "In a worst-case scenario, such real-time systems could also make it easier to evacuate a city in case of emergency."

For more information on Real Time Rome, visit the Web site. -MIT

Jessica Jones Associate Editor