Last Friday, the Missouri Accountability Portal (MAP) was expanded to not only shine the light on state spending but also provide Missourians with information about state tax credits, Gov. Matt Blunt announced.

"We are using existing technology to provide Missourians with valuable information on how their state government spends their hard earned money," Blunt said. "I am committed to making it easier for all Missourians to learn more about how their tax dollars are being spent. Providing a map to information on state tax credits is another step we are taking to make state government even more accountable to Missouri taxpayers."

Since launching the new Internet site on July 10, 2007, there have been over 1.3 million visits to the MAP site. The MAP tax credit site contains information on tax credits administered by the Missouri Department of Economic Development since tax credit application year 2000. Tax credit information is available by tax credit category, legislative district and by customer in accordance with privacy and tax confidentiality laws. The MAP expenditure site has also been enhanced to allow Missourians to review state expenditures by state agency.

The Missouri Accountability Portal is one of the first comprehensive databases of financial records based on real-time data in the nation. The MAP site is updated at the close of each business day to provide up-to-date access to information about state spending. Users can search the MAP site by budget category, vendor or contract. Links to other public information maintained by the state are also available on the MAP site. 

The MAP Internet site is being constantly updated to provide even more information to taxpayers. Information on state employees' salaries will be available in a user-friendly database beginning January 1, 2008.