NYC Service: Making New York the Easiest Place in the World to Volunteer

The key goal for NYC Service was to connect those who want to serve with meaningful opportunities that address the city's most pressing local needs.

by / April 22, 2009
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Photo: NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Established in 1974 by former President Richard Nixon, National Volunteer Week is supported and endorsed by many governors, mayors and other elected officials across the country. From April 19 through April 25 2009, citizens are urged to go out and do their part for the community.

New York City's Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has made volunteering especially easy for city residents. NYC Service is a program he created to promote a new era of service and volunteerism. NYC Service has three main goals: use volunteers to mitigate the current economic downturn, make New York City the easiest city in America in which to serve, and ensure every young person in New York City is taught about and has an opportunity to participate in civil engagement.

"Throughout my life, I've found that giving back is one of life's greatest rewards and that civic service may be the most important thing we ever do," said Bloomberg. "New York had always been fortunate to be home to everyday people who want to pitch in and help - and we need as much help now as ever before. NYC Service will channel New Yorkers' good intentions to tackle out greatest challenges, particularly those caused by the economic downturn. We are meeting the President's call to action and New York City will be the first city to strategically connect the power of its volunteers to solving its biggest problems."

NYC Service is a comprehensive Web site where New Yorkers can find groups, organizations and programs for which to volunteer. The Web site will serve as a one-stop shop for volunteers to locate and access one-time or routine volunteer opportunities. Citizens can search by location, category or priority of need for volunteer opportunities. These opportunities range from tutoring students and cleaning up parks, to Red Cross training and chatting with elders. There is something for everyone on the list of activities.

NYC Service will also work with partners to develop the "Go Pass" volunteer screening program. It will reduce the need for multiple background clearances by various organizations.

"Working to make our communities stronger and our children's futures brighter is one of the greatest joys of my life -- and it's what NYC Service is all about," said Bloomberg.