servers for supporting various front-end applications like the tax estimator. The vehicle and title registration system comprises information from all 93 Nebraska counties.


Just the Beginning

Other than tax and other informational updates, the tax estimator hasn't changed since its debut years ago - there's been no need.

"If a community adds a sales tax, we'll update the sales tax information, or if a city's or county's wheel tax rate changes, we'll update that data. But for the most part, it's had the same look since 2005," Neth said.

Although the estimator nails estimations down to the penny at times, citizens shouldn't be quick to write checks based on the estimates alone, she said. The application provides a clearer picture of what to expect, but people should still exercise caution after using it.

Major changes to the estimator aren't foreseen although as technology changes, there may be modifications to the network or other back-end systems to improve application performance. And when it comes to e-services, the DMVs' certainly not done.

"For online services in general, we've just started to scratch the surface of what we're going to make available. We've just now developed our way of doing business," Dey said. The partnership and e-government efforts will allow the Nebraska DMV to put more applications and information online for customers in the future.

Hilton Collins, Staff Writer Hilton Collins  | 

Hilton Collins is a former staff writer for Government Technology and Emergency Management magazines.