host a central server for the application and each agency will continue to store and maintain their own data in the usual way. What will change is that each agency will be able to not only search their own records, but also conduct a browser-based search, which will also access the data in all the other participating agency's records management systems.

Initially, officers and staff will perform the searches from terminals in the stations, but eventually access will extend out to patrol cars and handheld devices. As each agency comes on line, it will make it easier for all the rest to do their jobs.

"We are going to have more leads and be able to solve crimes to a much greater degree than we are today," said Haines.

The ongoing pilot will run for two to three months. At that point, RISS will be open to the other 36 law enforcement agencies in the county, with the complete rollout scheduled for completion by the end of this year or the beginning of 2003.

"The other agencies are very excited about it," said Haines. "They want to be hooked up as quickly as we can bring it about."

Drew Robb  |  Contributing Writer