Hartford, Conn.-based Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) selected ViewPermit for a regional electronic permit management system available to any Connecticut city or town. The system will allow residents and businesses to apply, pay for, and receive building and other permits from participating cities and towns online. They can also track the status of their permits as they move through the approval process, according to a release from the company. On the back end, towns will use the system to manage permit review, approval and inspections processes electronically.

"The selection committee chose ViewPermit because of its online functionality, simple user interface, citywide approach to permit management, and the knowledge and flexibility of its project team," said CRCOG Special Projects Coordinator Jocelyn Mathiasen in a statement. The project will be managed by The Connecticut Regional E-Government Initiative (CREGI), a new program sponsored by CRCOG. By early 2010, the system will be deployed in eight Connecticut municipalities; many additional communities are already on track to join Phase 2.