Reverse 911 in Folsom, Calif.

Every hard wired phone in Folsom is listed in the data base of phone numbers in the system.

by / March 13, 2008

The Folsom Police Department now has the Reverse 911 notification system in operation. This program allows the Folsom Police Department to call you with important public safety information. This notification system is geographical based and will only be used at the direction of a supervisor. Circumstances for use could be notification of a missing child, necessary evacuations, or other public safety concerns. 

When a supervisor determines that a Reverse 911 notification is appropriate they will notify the Folsom 911 Dispatch Center who will initiate a call out. A message will be prerecorded and a geographical area of the City will be notified via telephone of the important public safety information. If there is no answer on your telephone a message will be left on your answering machine. The message will tell you what action to take, such as look for the missing child, stay inside your home or evacuate, depending on the type of emergency. If you have important information to report back to the Police Department please call us with that information, such as you found the child. If you do not have information, no phone call should be made to the Police Department. When the incident is over, if appropriate, we will call again with another prerecorded message advising the emergency has passed. 

Every hard wired phone in Folsom is listed in the data base of phone numbers in the system. Cellular telephones and telephones that are internet based (Voice over Internet Protocol - VoIP), such as Vonage, etc, are not listed in the data base. If you live in Folsom and would like your cellular or VoIP telephone included in the Folsom data base please print the following form, fill out and mail or fax it back to the Folsom Police Department. Remember, you must be a resident of Folsom for us to enter your additional information into the database. In the event of a public safety notification all telephones you have listed in our database will be called with the same information. 

Please direct any questions to our Reverse 911 email address, 

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