Schwarzenegger Includes Health Information Technology in Executive Order

Governor Schwarzenegger is joined by U.S. HHS Secretary Leavitt on tour of modern health facilities.

by / March 14, 2007
Continuing his efforts to make health care more accessible and affordable for all Californians, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today signed an Executive Order that moves forward California's efforts to adopt health information technology (HIT), increase transparency of quality and pricing information, and increase accountability in public and private health care delivery systems.

"I am committed to improving the quality, transparency and accountability of health care in our state, and this executive order is a step forward in our work to fix California's broken health care system," said Schwarzenegger. "This order directs my administration to bring in the best minds from the public and private sectors to develop a market-based strategy to achieve our goals and reduce costs."

The governor toured medical facilities in which he was able to see the latest in Health Information Technology (HIT). "Technology like this is a very important part of the executive order ... It will help us improve the quality, the transparency and the accountability of our healthcare system here in California."

Schwarzenegger was joined on his tour by staff of UC San Diego, as well as U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt and California Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretary Kimberly Belsh
Gina M. Scott Writer