Template Maintenance, Support & Development

From Orange County Transportation Authority. Submit by 4/18/2002.

by / April 15, 2002
Publication Date: 3/29/2002
Info Type: RFP/RFI/RFQ
Project Number: 2-0466
Owner: Orange County Transportation Authority
Location: Orange County, CA
Submit by: 4/18/2002
Contact: Edna Sosa Ruperto (714) 560-5652
URL: http://www.octa.net/cammnet/procurement0_2.asp?detail=20466

Description: Solicitation Number 2/1/0466 Solicitation Title Template Maintenance, Support & Developm Closing Date 4/18/2002 Procurement Administrator Edna Sosa Ruperto E-Mail eruperto@octa.net Phone Number (714) 560-5652 Brief Description Vendor to provide Template maintenance, support & development services. Instructions Submit proposal on-line Submittal Information: Requests for additional information/clarification and questions must be in writing to the attention of Edna Ruperto, either by email or fax. The fax number is (714) 560-5792. Replies to such requests will be communicated via Addendum. Authority staff will evaluate the offers received by the deadline date stated above. Proposals will be evaluated on qualifications of firm (25%), include synopsis of your firm's experience); staffing and project organization (25%), (include brief resumes of personnel who will provide services); work plan (25%); dost proposal (20%), and other miscellaneous factors (5%). Scope of Work: Scope of Work Template Maintenance, Support & Development Background The Contracts Administration and Materials Management (Camm) Department uses twelve templates to produce several types of long documents, including Request For Proposal (RFP), Invitation For Bid (IFB), and Agreements. These templates were created by a consultant in Word 97, and use many Word built in features to automate the process of completing the documents, such as: AutoNew and AutoOpen Macro, Custom Toolbars Bookmarks Field Codes Style Refs Custom Macros Tables Styles Automatic Heading Numbering and Paragraph Numbering Table of Contents Recently the Authority installed new Pentium 4 >1GHz desktops, running Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2 (SP2), and upgraded from MS Office 97 to MS Office Xp. Camm has recently begun to test the templates for full functionality under the new version of Word Xp (2002). Objectives The Authority is requesting proposals from qualified firms to provide on-call support and maintenance for these 12 Word templates used by staff in Camm, on a time and materials basis. The tasks for this contract may include such things as: 1. Review and testing of templates , 2. Modifying templates for performance or function in Word Xp, 3. Troubleshooting template problems or issues identified by Camm staff 4. Making revisions to templates as required by Camm, 5. Creating additional templates 6. Conduct training on template use, if needed 7. Work with Information Systems staff on approach, training or problems, as needed. Work plan The working relationship between the Consultant and the Camm and is support staff will be very important. The specifics of the Octa desktop configurations, deployment methods and network drives and files need to be understood by the consultant and incorporated into any troubleshooting, development, instruction and documentation done by the consultant Vendor should explain what methodology will be used to incorporate and use this information, and how many hours this task will take. Vendor should also explain their approach to consulting and skills transfer, so that real solutions to business problems are demonstrated. Reporting Requirements 1. Weekly timesheets - In order to accurately track hours utilized on this contract, weekly timesheets must be submitted by consultant to the designated Camm staff for signature. These timesheets should show a detailed line item list of services performed for that week to include the date, hours spent, and a description of what services were performed or meetings attended, etc. 2. Monthly Invoices Invoices should have relevant timesheets attached for reference and delineate the work performed . Invoices must include the Agreement number. Vendor Qualifications Vendor should propose one or more consultants with advanced and expert level experience in the Microsoft software. At a minimum, vendor should demonstrate expertise and applied business usage for proposed staff on the following software: MS Windows 2000 Professional & Internet Explorer 5.5 MS Office Xp Word 2002, Excel 2002, PowerPoint 2002, Outlook 2002, (Access 2002 at some future time) Vendor's proposed staff should have senior level (5-6 years) experience in the use of Microsoft Office software tools, specifically MS Word and Word templates using automation features listed above. The vendor should describe in detail the projects worked on in other organizations that are similar to the tasks and environment described in this scope of work. This will be an important evaluation criteria. Interpersonal skills are also very important, as they may be working with staff with varying levels of software expertise. Microsoft technical, training, user or consulting certifications, is desired and should be listed when applicable. Note: (2) Addenda have already been issued for this proposal.