Mobile technology organization has announced the winners of nGOmobile, a competition aimed at encouraging grassroots non-profits in the developing world think about how they could benefit from text messaging in their work.

Text messaging has proved itself to be remarkably versatile, providing market prices to farmers and fishermen, distributing health information, allowing the reporting of human rights abuses and promoting increased citizen participation in government. While the list may be long, not everyone has been able to reap the benefits.

The inaugural nGOmobile competition ran for three months from October 2007, and was aimed exclusively at grassroots non-profit Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working for positive social and environmental change.

"Behind the scenes, these often unsung heroes of the NGO community battle against the daily realities of life in developing countries, where it can take all day to fulfill the simplest task" said Ken Banks, Founder of "These people don't lack passion and commitment, they lack tools and resources" said Banks.

Grassroots NGOs around the world were invited to submit short project ideas explaining how greater access to mobile technology -- and SMS text messaging in particular -- would benefit them and their work.

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