The Great Colorado Payback has Begun

$300 million in unclaimed property can now be claimed online

by / July 26, 2006
Thanks to a new service available on Colorado's official Web site, the Great Colorado Payback has begun. For the first time, owners of unclaimed property can search for lost or forgotten property held in the state's coffers for safekeeping and file claims online without having to call or write the state treasurer's office.

"Any day we get to give folks their money back is a good day," said Colorado State Treasurer Mike Coffman. "This online service makes it easier than ever to reunite Coloradoans with their lost or forgotten assets, which means more people get their money back faster."

The new online claim service holds lost or forgotten bank accounts, insurance refunds, stocks, bonds, and even safe deposit boxes in trust until claimed by the rightful owner or heir. All told, Treasurer Coffman is holding some $300 million in lost assets belonging to nearly one million owners. The new online service will cut the existing processing time by at least two weeks, putting the property back into the owner's hands faster and reducing costs for the state.

"The state portal has already made access to government services easier for countless Coloradoans," said Governor Bill Owens. "Putting the Great Colorado Payback online is another important part of that mission." works to make interaction with Colorado government more efficient and user-friendly by continually offering new services and information to citizens and businesses.