Top 10 Time Killers -- and How To Fight Back (Infographic)

The best way to combat time killers? Gain awareness of the time wasted and its value.

by / February 19, 2013

For many of us, 24 hours in each day isn't nearly enough -- and the feeling that you're running out of time is even worse for those who succumb to many of the distractions available to us these days (Facebook and Twitter, anyone?).

While social media is clearly one of the biggest time killers out there, many other things suck the minutes (and hours) from our days. To find out exactly what those things are, OfficeTime conducted a survey of more than 600 small business owners, freelancers and professionals.

In addition to publishing the top 10 time killers, the software company went a step further and, in the following infographic, offers ways to fight back against the time suckage. 

Which of these time killers do you succumb to most?