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Most-watched videos on for 2010

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The most unusual searches on in 2010:

  • flying windmill generators
  • grass fed cattle
  • hericanes
  • moose photography 
  • nude pizza dare
  • old people
  • scharzennagar 
  • teachers viagra
  • who’s in jail


New Government Smartphone Apps for 2010

  • California’s Office of Traffic Safety’s Taxi Magic (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm)
  • New York City’s NYCMate Transit App (iPhone, Android)
  • CivicPlus’ Citizen Request Tracker (iPhone)
  • King County, Wash.’s OneBusAway Real-Time Bus Tracking app (iPhone, Android)
  • San Ramon, Calif.’s 911 dispatch app, (iPhone)
  • Transportation Security Administration’s MyTSA app (iPhone)
  • California Department of Motor Vehicles’ DMV NOW app (iPhone)
  • U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission’s app (Android)
  • Montana’s Driver Test app (iPhone)