Company Offers Free Environmental Training

Training on a variety of environmental stewardship topics offered in exchange for feedback.

by / April 1, 2009

The need for environmental awareness and stewardship by individual government employees is increasing. Several states are enacting legislation calling for reduced carbon emissions and encouraging the use of energy from renewable sources. With this increased awareness comes the increased desire to do something to positively influence the impact of human activity on the planet.

According to widely accepted estimates, IT operations account for two percent of global carbon dioxide emissions-the same as the airline industry. Not to mention the heaps of cell phones and computer equipment that the United States throws away every year. And the information technology industry is expected to grow by 150 percent in the next few years.

So while the use of technology grows, government employees can still do something about the environmental impact they have every day. A major component of encouraging that is training. To facilitate that during this economic downturn, online training provider SafetyFirst is providing free training on a variety of topics relating to environmental sustainability. The company is offering the training free to groups of 100 employees or less. In exchange, the company is asking that participants help beta test its SafetyFirst Direct training delivery service.

Course topics include environmental awareness, carbon footprint reduction, used oil disposal and universal waste management.