The Golden State Launches Government Leadership Program

California's new training series has two goals: developing leaders and sparking cultural change in the state workplace.

by / January 28, 2013 0


On Monday, Jan. 28, the California Department of Human Resources launched a new Web-based training series with two goals in mind: developing leaders and sparking cultural change in the state workplace, the Sacramento Bee reported.

The first webinar is called "Avoiding Groundhog Day the Movie: Learning from Experience," challenges participants to "move forward to develop strategy through new ways of thinking and acting, and avoiding getting stuck in all the ways that did not work in the past," according to the Department of Human Resources (DHR).

This webinar's presenter is Dr. Richard Callahan, who is an associate professor in the University of San Francisco’s School of Management. He teaches graduate courses in strategy, public administration and leadership. 

Callahan will discuss reflections as a leadership style, effective inquiry through reflections and leveraging experience to lead change, according to the DHR.  

"In the public sector, where there is ambiguity, uncertainly and a range of information, the real challenge for leaders is to ask the right questions, sort through information, create transparent and accountable processes, and learn from those who have excelled in state service," according to the webinar website

When California's DHR replaced the Department of Personnel Administration and took over some of the State Personnel Board's duties, the Sacramento Bee reported, "the idea was to create a department that could shake up the state's workplace culture, including its tendency, like most large bureaucracies, to resist change."

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