Top 30 Technologists, Transformers & Trailblazers

Bold decision-makers are the most valuable asset in education today. The Center for Digital Education is committed to our community of national education thought leaders shifting the landscape of education. This year we are thrilled to add 30 amazing leaders to our exceptional community. Our CDE Top 30 award winners represent thought leaders and innovators in higher education, K-12 and the education nonprofit community, which offers sustenance and influence to the field of education.

Digital Community Colleges Survey

The Digital Community Colleges survey examines and documents how community colleges are using information technology to deliver services to their students, faculty and staff. All U. S. community colleges are invited to participate in the survey. At the conclusion, the top digital-savvy community colleges receive spotlight coverage and national recognition.

Digital School Districts Survey

Conducted in partnership with the National School Boards Association, the Digital School Districts Survey examines how information technology is applied to improve service delivery and quality of education to public schools. All U.S. school districts are invited to participate. Winners are honored at the NSBA Annual Conference and Exposition each April.

Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Awards

The Digital Content and Curriculum Achievement Awards program recognizes education institutions for their hard work in the digital content and curriculum arena. All U.S. K-12 education institutions are invited to nominate their digital content and curriculum initiatives.