April 26

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Akron Public Schools Boosts Performance with Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Moving away from legacy environments to enterprise clouds powered by hyperconverged infrastructures is helping K-20 schools transform internal processes and increase productivity, while giving IT staff more time to focus on improving student services. That’s what happened at Akron Public Schools, the fifth-largest school district in Ohio. The district moved from a three-tier legacy data center environment with separate storage, network and servers to a hyperconverged environment that’s enabling them to streamline processes and dramatically reduce the amount of time staff spend on routine financial processes and IT maintenance.

Join the Center for Digital Education and Nutanix to hear how Akron Public Schools is using hyperconverged infrastructure to:
- Increase the performance of their financial apps
- Simplify IT management
- Get the computing horsepower they need to upgrade essential software and implement new apps
- And more!


Rachna Srivastava

Rachna Srivastava

Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager at Nutanix

Paul Doxsey

Paul Doxsey

Network Systems Coordinator at Akron Public Schools

Tom Ryan

Tom Ryan — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Education