October 25
10:30AM PT, 1:30PM ET

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The move to digital content and curriculum shows no signs of slowing. And while ESSA guidelines reference emerging funding, waiting on federal money or grants to emerge -- and to remain -- is not feasible for schools designing long-term technology plans. Fortunately, there are other ways to back technology initiatives.

This webinar will discuss how educators can create technology plans that incorporate long-term funding as well as other important facets like:

• Professional development for faculty
• Equipment repair/replacement
• Connectivity
• Disaster recovery
• Technical and instructional best practices

Join us October 25th to find out how your educational organization can create a well-funded, lasting technology plan.


Karla Burkholder, Ed.D.

Karla Burkholder, Ed.D.

Director of Instructional Technology, ‎Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD, TX

Doretta Walker

Doretta Walker

Director, Network Technology, North East ISD, TX

Alan Cox

Alan Cox — Moderator

Executive Vice President, Center for Digital Education