January 30

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Transitioning to a blended learning environment is about more than students – educators must also learn how to work effectively in a technology-based landscape. Using Learning Management Systems (LMS) for professional development can give faculty and staff a more efficient, effective way to get the training they need.

This webinar will examine how K-12 schools can use an LMS for staff onboarding, training and professional development and examine how an LMS can:

• Provide a single location for faculty and staff to find all the PD resources they need
• Enable educators to complete PD at their own pace
• Allow teachers to become comfortable and confident using an LMS so they can make better use of such systems in the classroom

Join us January 30 to find out why an LMS is an effective tool for professional development as well as learning management.


Fatima Jibril

Fatima Jibril

Senior Director Online Professional Learning, ISTE

Kenneth Chapman

Kenneth Chapman

Vice President of Market Strategy, D2L

Dr. Kecia Ray

Dr. Kecia Ray — Moderator

Executive Director, Center for Digital Education