April 26

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On April 26, join ArchiveSocial and Tacoma Public Schools for an interactive
discussion about the use of social media in schools, and the benefits of encouraging
school staff to communicate online.

Strategic Communications Manager Rae McNally will share how the Tacoma Public
School District prepares teachers and staff to be brand ambassadors on social
media. We will discuss the importance of a strong social media policy and how
automated archiving can be used to comply with public records law and reduce risk.

This webinar will provide you with an opportunity to hear directly from Tacoma
Public Schools and ArchiveSocial to learn:

● How Tacoma Public Schools uses social media to reach their audience.
● Real life examples of the benefits and liabilities schools have encountered
when using social media.
● How to prepare school staff and teachers to communicate on social.
● How schools can efficiently maintain digital records for social media
communications in compliance with public records law


Rae McNally

Rae McNally

Strategic Communications Manager, Tacoma, WA Public School District

Anil Chawla

Anil Chawla

Founder & CEO, ArchiveSocial

Morgan Wright

Morgan Wright — Moderator

Senior Fellow, Center for Digital Education