Medical Researchers May Be Missing Open Data Opportunities, Study Finds

While clinical trial data is available, researchers often don't take advantage of data sharing opportunities.

by News Staff / March 24, 2016 0

Researchers don't always take advantage of opportunities to analyze open data from clinical trials that others have performed, a team of analysts found. 

Duke University Medical Center researchers analyzed three open data platforms including the Yale University Open Data Access Project and the requests that they received, reports MedPage Today. Over a two-year period, researchers asked for access to 15.5 percent of more than 3,000 clinical trials available on the platforms. 

As more government and education institutions tout the benefits of data sharing, the research team argues that it would help improve drug analysis and increase the amount of medical information that's available, according to MedPage Today. In fact, analysts say that research data sharing will become mandatory in many places, so now is a good time to work out patient privacy concerns and better ways to share data.