(TNS) -- The Stephenville ISD board of trustees approved several items Monday, including IBM Watson Element software and iPad cases and keyboards for Henderson Junior High and Stephenville High School.

"Watson Element is designed to transform the classroom by providing critical insights about each student — demographics, strengths, challenges, optimal learning styles, and more — which the educator can use to create targeted instructional plans, in real-time," states the IBM website. "Gone are the days of paper-based performance tracking, which means educators have more face time with students, and immediate feedback to guide instructional decisions."

The cost will be $75,000 for the transition over to IBM and then $12 per student once the software is up and running.

The program will stay with students until they graduate from Stephenville High School so teachers will know specific learning information about that student.

"I think we will probably brand it 'Hive' once it's up and going," said Superintendent Matt Underwood.

The board approved the software with one opposition vote.

SISD's Executive Director of Technology and Digital Learning Shelby Womack addressed the board on his recommendation on iPad cases and keyboards for Henderson Junior High and Stephenville High School.

"In January we rolled out a case that included a keyboard as a test to see if it was sufficient," Womack said. "Unfortunately they have a known defect with the hinge where it can actually crack and separate."

Womack proposed the district purchase the Otterbox UnlimitED case and the Griffin Lighting Keyboard.

"This is what I'm proposing we move forward with at Henderson and the high school," he said.

The board approved the purchase.

Other agenda items included:

The official swearing in of Cole Gilliam Parks to serve another term on the board of trustees in place 6.

Two recognitions: The Core Value award of initiative for Keith Starnes and the Masonic Teacher of the Year awarded to Gilbert Intermediate teacher Georgia Weil.

The acceptance of donated benches to Gilbert Intermediate School from the Gilbert PTO in the amount of $6,000.

A discussion on SISD bus WIFI sponsors. A business, organization or individual can sponsor (pay) the WIFI — $2,500 a year — and in turn they would get an advertisement placed somewhere on the bus with their name and possibly their logo.

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