Answer: Julie Young

The former leader of Florida Virtual School is making a comeback after retiring about a year ago.

Julie Young will be taking the reins of a new company called Global Personalized Academies, which will allow high school students around the world to earn dual degrees in their home country as well as in the United States. Through online and blended learning, students will be able to move through coursework at their own pace wherever they are.

On top of that, schools in other countries will be able to use the blended material that the company develops to teach their own students. The company plans to start with Asia and then spread its work to Latin America.

"Technology has improved dramatically in the last two decades," wrote Michael Horn, cofounder of the nonprofit Christensen Institute, wrote in a Forbes piece. "The opportunities to create a global school that pushes the bounds of what education can look like for each student worldwide is more exciting—and within our grasp—than ever before."