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by Eric Holdeman / April 14, 2008

There are hazards everywhere - they exist no matter where you live and work. These hazards range from natural hazards such as floods, landslides, earthquakes and hurricanes to technological hazards such as hazardous material spills, computer crashes, power failures and the like. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, much time and money has been focused on terrorism, which is a hazard that potentially threatens many aspects of our modern culture.

Disaster Zone is dedicated to sharing information about the world of emergency management and homeland security. There is a constant stream of new laws, plans, procedures and technology solutions. Science is also being applied to studying human behavior and how we interact with one another and with all aspects of our environment. Taking advantage of science and applying it to how we perform our everyday functions is something we need to strive for.

The Internet has enabled us to share information with one another more easily than ever before.

Check this blog often for interesting information on all aspects of disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness, recovery and response. And if you have information to share with others, please send Eric an e-mail and he will share it with the ever-growing community of practitioners dedicated to making our world a safer place to live.