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DNA for Data Storage

What will they think of next?

by Eric Holdeman / January 24, 2013

Technology is moving fast, really fast.  The other day I was thinking what they will be saying about battery life in say, ten years.  Perhaps by that time there will be Smart Phones (or their replacement) with batteries that last for weeks or months instead of -- a day!  Electrical storage is the key to unlocking many future technologies.  Just ask the Boeing company as they struggle with their 787 battery issue.


Then today I listened to the NPR Story on using DNA for Data Storage  Think about the potential for what this might mean in the future.  One of the problems we have today is data storage and the cost associated with it, the power consumption requirements for all those servers storing data in the cloud, etc.


Tiny, teeny specks storing masses of data.  The portability of it all in the palm of your hand.  Incredible potential for the future, for business continuity and offsite storage.  


This is really cool stuff!