Disaster Zone

EOC Facility Design Checklist

If you are looking to update, remodel or construct a new EOC this is a nice checklist to start with.

by Eric Holdeman / October 20, 2010

I like checklists that provide a lot of information in a few words.  Emergency Operations Center (EOC) design is not something everyone does everyday.  Because of my long operational history I've been involved in two significant civilian EOC design efforts ranging in cost from $30M to $15M and many more mobile operations designs while in the military. 

Since you typically only get to do "one" significant one in your career, you don't want to make obvious mistakes since they will haunt you for years to come.  There is one of these design aids at EOC Facility Checklist: Avoiding Surprises which I think would very useful to someone contemplating a new EOC.

There are a few tips missing that I might add, like "Don't put the HVAC system on the roof of the building" and for those of you who can afford the space for a dedicated bunking area--more power to you!

Still, it would be a great place to start your own personal list on what you need as you begin the EOC design process.