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You just need to be willing to travel.

by false / July 2, 2013

OK, for the recent graduate who is trying to break into emergency management this may be your opportunity.  And, if you say--"but, I don't want to be gone 300 days out of the year," think about working at McDonald's or some other fast food place as a career option...You can sleep in your own bed every night!


FEMA is hiring some 700 CORE (Cadre of Response/Recovery Employees) positions nationwide.  These are people who are expected to be on the road some 300 days a year on disaster assignments.  Also, from what we know, you will be based out of your current home location so you will not need to move.


The positions below are for External Affairs, but there will be more vacancies in other specialty areas over the next months.  If you or others you know are interested, please go to www.usajobs.gov where all jobs are advertised.  You may check out vacancies frequently or you can subscribe to notifications.  Also, please note that the positions are only open about a week.  This is a new trend from headquarters, so you have to be quick!


The job opportunity was shared by Lucianne Phillips.