Disaster Zone

Tablets Role in Emergency Management

There is increasing adoption of tablets by emergency managers.

by Eric Holdeman / April 21, 2013

The future is mobile, video, touch and high speed wireless.  All of which describes tablet technology to a "T."


See Instant Access an article in the current edition of Emergency Management Magazine  


The article details many of the advantages of the mobile capability of tablet technology and how it is increasing the productivity of emergency managers, be they in the office or in the field.


By reading the article I saw the item on the App version of the Emergency Response Guidebook  Who wouldn't want that tool at their fingertips when out on the road and you come up on the scene of an accident that has a placard on a tanker truck?  You can pay $10 for a paper copy, or $1.99 at the iTunes App Store to get a searchable database.  Which is faster?  Da App!  


Today I have the first version of the iPad.  I'm waiting for the next edition to come out and I'll upgrade at that point.  While my wife has the iPad Mini, I'm going to stick with the larger version.  Can't hardly wait--but, I will.