Disaster Zone

Al Roker on Disaster Preparedness

Al Roker knows a thing or two about bad weather and then preparedness too.

by Eric Holdeman / February 23, 2013

One thing that Hurricane Sandy did was "bring it home" to the national media centered in New York City.  It is one thing to cover disasters as a reporter, it is another to be in the middle of one when it is your community.


Al Roker, NBC Weatherman and longtime reporter on disasters has probably just about seen it all.  So it is great to see that the NBC Today Show allowed him time to dedicate to sharing information about disasters and how to get prepared.  The one segment he did was around eight minutes long.  In watching this I was thinking that while eight minutes is an eternity in news programming, they are just barely able to touch on all the different aspects of preparedness.  Not ideal--but we'll take what we can get!


Besides the public service announcement (PSA) he did there is another segment that shows what goes into creating a PSA like this.  It starts with story boarding and then all the production gimmicks that they used to make it come to life.  It is entertaining, but I'm not sure the "preparedness" message came through all that clearly, other than the weather can change rapidly and you need to be ready.


See all the Weathering a Disaster video clips at this link.


I picked up the link via a Craig Fugate Twitter tweet.