Disaster Zone

Analysis of Social Media and Geospatial Trends

Reading Tweets is not enough. You need some analysis to go deeper and learn more.

by Eric Holdeman / March 26, 2011

Many people are Tweeting, so what?  To get the most information out of social media requires going beyond the reading of individual Tweets.  Analysis of the data can help you better understand what is going on, when it is happening and because of the geo-coding where it is happening.


Check out this four minute ESRI video that looks at people on Twitter following the elections in Sudan.  

From watching this video I deduce:


  • We'll need to dedicate staff to watching and analyzing social media during a disaster
  • The geospatial nature of the information and the content is what matters
  • If you are in school, take the GIS courses so that you bring that skill to the table when people are hiring.


Jeff Baranyi shared the link to the video.