Disaster Zone

Brock Long's Troubles

'Nobody knows the troubles I've seen.'

by Eric Holdeman / January 24, 2019

See this for a "rehash" of issues that I think are behind Brock Long, PW exclusive: The ethics storm surrounding Trump’s FEMA chief from North Carolina.

Here is something for you to be concerned about in your own personal life. No matter how great the potential job is, think long and hard about who you will be working for and working with. You can be tainted by association. This is something my youngest grandson found out a couple of years ago — if you hang with the wrong crowd. It was a good early lesson for a 12-year-old boy. All the other ethical troubles that President Trump's appointees have had spills over and when it touches you, there are those like the "The Progressive Pulse" that will pounce. 

The other is that stories don't die easily these days. There are bloggers like myself, who may have particular axes to grind. Brock is on the grinding wheel and an easy target given the previous inspector general investigation. As I recall, there was no referral to the U.S. Justice Department. This is old news!

And, for the record, I support Brock being the FEMA administrator. Everyone who I know who has worked with him likes and admires him as a person and as an emergency manager.