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Can You Name the Current or Immediate Past White House Homeland Security Adviser?

Current is easy: Vacant.

by Eric Holdeman / April 10, 2018

As state and local emergency managers, I think the position of White House Homeland Security Adviser is not one we consider to be of an importance to us. Yes, to the DHS Secretary and yes, to the FEMA Administrator — but White House DHS Adviser is not high on the list of recognizable names. 

See this on the latest personnel move at the White House The "former adviser" was Tom Bossert, who, from his Wikipedia profile, seemed to be well-qualified to serve in that position. He also oversaw the cybersecurity unit at the NSC, helping to develop Trump’s cyber executive order, issued in May of last year, that vowed a new focus on protecting government networks and strengthening international and private-sector partnerships.

Since these positions are direct appointments by the president, there is no need for Senate confirmation hearings. I expect a replacement to be named pretty quickly. Maybe we should pay a bit more attention to who is serving in this position!

The only thing that worries me about building your own team is that it can be susceptible to groupthink.