Disaster Zone

Christchurch at Two Years--Still a Mess

This is a sobering reminder of the challenges we will face one day.

by Eric Holdeman / October 17, 2012

John Schelling, Earthquake Program Manager for the Washington State Emergency Management Division made a trip to ChristChurch, New Zealand recently.  He blogged on what he found and the ramifications for those of us who live and work in earthquake country.


Check out Hard Realities which details the challenges we will face when our turn comes for the ground to shake and for the long recovery process to begin.  It is hard to believe that two years after their earthquake--THEY ARE STILL IN THE DEMOLITION MODE.  Yikes and double Yikes!  Dang!


As we continue to "whistle in the woods" while strolling down our own fault lines, who will be the truth teller and call a halt to the insanity of it all?  All of the challenges John throws at us are right on the mark.  


Sometimes I feel hopeful and then at other times I feel frustrated and very concerned for our future.  Tonight it is the latter.